Sulfates & Sulfouccinates

Sulfates & Sulfouccinates

Sulfated fatty alcohols have excellent emulsifying, wetting, lime soap dispersing and foaming properties. They also have high electrolyte tolerance. Alkyl ether sulphated (ethoxylates) also show improved water solubility and resistance to hardness. These products are widely used in emulsion polymerization, cosmetic formulations, detergents and textile industry. We offer a variety of sulphates based on natural and synthetic alcohols and ethoxylates. One, of our seven plants, has an exclusive facility for sulfonation using Oleum and other sulphating agents. We also offer phenol and naphthalene sulfonates for leather industry.

  • 2-Ethylhexyl Sulphate
  • NonylPhenol-4.5EO Sulphate
  • Octyl Phenol-25EO Sulphate
  • EO-PO Copolymer Sulphate
  • Castor Oil-25EO Sulphate
  • C11 alcohol-7EO Sulphate (APEO-Free)
  • Tridecyl Alcohol-25 Sulphate (APEO-Free)
  • Allyl alcohol 10EO sulnate (ammonium salt)
  • Phenol sulfonate (oleum based)
  • Napthalene sulfonate (oleum based)

Sulfosuccinic mono– and di-esters are used as emulsifiers in polymerization processes. They are highly effective wetting agents and are used in various industry segments. Venus can offer a wide range of sulfouccinate esters based on different alkyl groups and can customize the properties as per requirement. Sulfouccinate products are available in solution with different solvents such as linear alcohols or PEGs/ PPGs.

  • DiOctyl Sodium Sulfouccinate
  • Disodium Laureth(3) Sulfouccinate
  • DiLauryl Sdium Sulfouccinate
  • DiTriDecyl Sodium Sulfouccinate
  • Nonyl Phenol EThoxylated Disodium Sulfouccinate
  • CocoMonoethanolamide Sulfoccinate
  • Dosodium Oleic-(5) Sulfouccinate)
  • Custom sulfoccinates of ethoxylates
  • C10-12 Ethoxylated Disodium Sulfouccinate

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