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Company Profile

VENUS ETHOXYETHERS PRIVATE LIMITED, established in 1987, was founded by business doyen Keki Gandhi, his son Zubin Gandhi and ace technologist Ashok Walke.

Spread over vast acres of land, with four seperate production sites in serene Goa, we have excellent chemical manufacturing and testing facilities, and supply our products to some of the best known companies across the globe. Our present manufacturing capacity is about 30,000 MT per annum and the Venus family is 650 members strong.


The chemical processes we specialize in, include Ethoxylation, Propoxylation, Alkoxylation, EO/PO Block Co-Polymerisation, Esterification, Sulphonation, Suphation, Phosphation, Condensation, Polymerisation, Distillation, Fractional Distillation, Amide Preparation and Formulation.


The products we make are consumed by a vast number of industry segments, the main ones being Textiles, Leather, Personal Care, Paper, Agro, Refinery, Metal & Electroplating, Paints & Coatings, Sugar, Pharma, Perfumary, Water Treatment, and several others. We have products for various applications within each of these industry segments.


Besides offering our established products, we specialize in custom-manufacturing products to suit individual requirements. Our elaborate and multi-faceted manufacturing facilities allow us great flexibility in our operations, enabling our product-range and business operations to be completely customer-driven.


Our well equipped testing facilities ensure that un-relenting quality standards are established, and always adhered to.


We have an excellent R&D set-up for developing new molecules and up-grading existing performance chemicals. Our R&D team works hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver them timely and effective solutions.


The key discerning features of our organization are summed up as follows :-
  • Multi-faceted, robust and flexible manufacturing, testing and R&D infrastructure.
  • One Stop Shop - Our capabilities in handling a broad spectrum of chemistries, and our vast product range, means that our customers get almost all that they want, from one place itself.
  • Ultra-Quick Response Time - we are ever alert to our cutomers’ needs and requirements, be it product development, sampling, quotations, supplies, documentation, or any other activity.
  • Customer-driven product line – we deliver exactly what the customer wants, when he wants, as he wants.
  • Splendid R&D back-up – our customers can quickly grow their business through free access to our vast treasures of products, technology and knowledge


Our Mission
  • To continue adding products and services that assist in fulfilling the goals of our customers.
  • To provide a forum for the all round growth and development of our employees.
  • To build a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.
  • To co-exist peacefully with nature and everybody and everything around us.
  • To conduct our business Safely, Honourably, Ethically, Responsibly and Profitably.