Methyl Ester Ethoxylates

Methyl Ester Ethoxylates

FAME (Fatty acid methyl esters) such as Coconut methyl ester or Soya methyl ester etc. can be ethoxylated directly using our patented catalyst system to give MEE (methyl ester ethoxylates). MEEs are low foaming, non-ionic surfactants compared to FAEs (fatty alcohol ethoxylates).

Their wetting strength is comparable to FAEs of equivalent alkyl chain. They do not form gels as FAEs. CMC and cloud point can be adjusted based on alkyl chain length or degree of ethoxylation. MEEs also show a narrow homologue distribution. MEE (methyl ester ethoxylates) show high biodegradability and have a more favourable ecotoxicity profile as compared to fatty alcohols.

MEE (methyl ester ethoxylates) can work as excellent emulsifier and detergent. They also help in building viscosity in low active formulations. MEE have application in detergents, personal care cleaning agents, hard surface cleaners, emulsifiers, laundry pre-spotters etc.

Product Description Appearance at 25 degree C Actives (%) PH, 5% aq EO moles HLB Suggested Dosage
Vencryl-ME400CO Coconut Oil Derivative Turbid Liquid >90 6-8 10 13.4 7-10%
Vencryl ME550SO Soya Oil Derivative Turbid Liquid >90 6-8 12 12.8 7-10%

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