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Scale-Up Facilities

We have one of the best Pilot production lab in India. We have a series of high pressure autoclaves from sizes varying from 2 litre up to 100 litre. The pilot plot is adequately supported by all essential equipment for effective operations.

Our Pilot Facilities:
  • High Pressure Autoclaves
    2L x 4
    5L x 2
    10L x 2
    13L x 1
    25L x 1
    120L x 2


Note: All reactors are equipped with EO/PO addition facilities. Reactors can take temperatures up to 250 deg C, and pressure up to 100 bar. Apart from these facilities, we also have:

  • Fractional Distillation unit
  • Sparkler filtration unit
  • Pilot scale Candle filtration unit (upcoming)
  • Pilot scale Centrifuge unit (upcoming)

Our Pilot Utilities:

  • Nitrogen Plant (dedicated)
  • Hot Oil circulator
  • Chilling Plant
  • Cooling Tower
  • Vacuum pump (Edwards)
  • Vacuum ejector
  • UPS 30KVA
  • Backup Diesel Generator

Our multipurpose pilot plant is extensively used for chemical processing and is able to handle all standard operations for solids, liquids and gases. We work continuously on scale-up process development and process improvement.