Polyester, Wool, Silk & Nylon

Polyester, Wool, Silk & Nylon

Pretreatment Chemicals: Scouring & De-Sizing

Product Name Application
Product LIF Stable to high temp. Effective in removing synthetic sizes
Product XXX Low Foam Scouring agent
Product DTC Crypto anionic detergent for KIER Boiling, for woven and hosiery fabrics
Product FOL, NEW Anionic/non-ionic excellent scouring cum de-sizing agent
Product VIC 24 Excellent scouring agent and stain remover
Product BX Excellent wetting, alkali stable, Low to Moderate scouring agent for polyester and blends
Product STA Excellent wetting/scouring with penetration for polyester
Product GIP 14 Stain remover and scouring agent, crypto-anionic product with friendly solvents
Product SR Stain remover and scouring agent for polyester and wool and their blend


Product Name Application
Product YD De-mineralizing; takes care of hard water and maintains PH.Excellent for Fe++
Product SEQ and Product SEQ conc. Sequestering agent for synthetics

Dyeing Aids

Product Name Application
Product D 400 Polyester leveling and dispersing agent
Product PLD Special low foam DFT, with excellent levelling dispersing agent
Product PES Polyester levelling/dispersing agent for patchy/burred dyeing
Product DLPD Special polyester levelling dispersing agent for polyester dyeing
Product 2020 Economical polyester levelling agent. Stable in hard water
Product 2030 2-in-1, levelling agent for polyester and cotton. Stable in hard water
Product SBLD Sequesterent, dispersing, levelling and buffer for polyester
Product ENI Dye diffusion accelerator cum carrier. It works under HTHP conditions
Product FD Buffer acids for polyester dyeing
Product 567 Cationic dye-able polyester leveling agent
Product LDM Powerful polyester leveling and dispersing agent, anti-migration and clears burred dyeing
Product AND Powerful dispersing agent with oligomer control in polyester yarn dyeing
Product RFT 250 Anionic/non-ionic, excellent leveling with brilliant shine on the dyes fabrics

Levelling Agent For Acrylics/Worsted Processing

Product Name Application
Product SDA Levelling agents for acid dyes and for 1:1 metal complex dyeing
Product FBSE Levelling agents for acid dyes and for 1:1 metal complex dyeing
Product IDA Acrylic dye retarding agents

Dye Bath Lubricant

Product Name Application
Product CA Polymeric Lubricant
DPS PDR 100% dispersing agent for polyester dyeing
Product ACA Anionic polymeric lubricant for yarn dyeing and can be used during heavy garment dyeing

Post Dyeing Lubricant For Synthetics

Product Name Application
Product F Pasty product; non-ionic antistatic post-dyeing lubricant
Product SF Liquid product; cationic antistatic post-dyeing lubricant
Product RFA 54 Antistatic post-dyeing lubricants for acrylics

Reduction Clearing/Soaping/Stain Removers

Product Name Application
Product 1097 Washing off/soaping agent
Product MC Reduction clearing agent
Product VECO All-in-1 reduction clearing agent without hydro and caustic

Finishing Agents For Synthetics

Product Name Application
Product HWS Washing off/soaping agent
Product GAP flakes Reduction clearing agent
Product OC flakes All-in-1 reduction clearing agent without hydro and caustic
Product YRD Flakes Nil foam, non-yellowing cationic softeners with PE wax and silicon
Product SP Special cationic softener for polyester and blends
Silicon emulsions, Micro & Makro
Product K 55/P7 Amino, micro-silicon softener
Product 370
Product CS 180/55 Amino, micro-silicon softener. Excellent softener with bounciness
Product VMW Macro amino-silicon softener; for white as well
Cata-silicon softener Cata-silicon softener; for white as well; Jet flow application
Product 19

Blooming Agent

Product Name Application
Product Y-Bloom Excellent blooming effect to black fished fabrics

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