Hard Surface Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners

Hard Surface Cleaners


General Purpose Concentrate – Phosphate
Degreaser for Hard Water
General Purpose Degreaser
Non-Phosphate Degreaser


Dairy Cleaners
Dairy Farm Acid Cleaner
Dairy Alkaline Cleaner
Foaming Acidic Dairy Cleaner
Food and Beverage Cleaners
Bottle Wash
General Food Industry Cleaner
Food Service Degreasers
Low-Foam Cleaners
High Pressure Wash
Low-Foam Concentrate
Low-Foam Spray Cleaner
Metal Cleaners
Acid-Based Metal Cleaner
Alkaline Metal Cleaner – Premium Concentrate
Alkaline Metal Cleaner – Standard Concentrate
Heavy Oil Metal Cleaner
Spray Cleaner for De-Oiling
Acid Aluminium Brightener – Standard
Non-Acid Aluminium Brightener
Alkaline Aluminium Cleaner – Standard
Miscellaneous Industrial Cleaners
Liquid Drain Opener
Industrial Floor Stripper
Paint Striper
Thickened Alkaline Cleaners
Rust Removers
Acid Rust Remover
Steam Cleaners
Built Steam Cleaner
Non-Caustic Steam Cleaner


Acid Cleaners
Thickened Acetic Acid Cleaners
Thickened Formic Acid Cleaner
Viscous Hydrochloric/Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
Bathroom Cleaners
Mixed Acid Bath Cleaner
Bath and Tile Cleaner
Hydrochloric Acid Bowl Cleaner
Dish wash
Auto Dish Detergent with Anti-Scale
Auto Dish Rinse with Tea Stain Remover
Hand Dishwash - Standard
Floor Cleaners
Low-foam floor cleaners
Wax stripper - standard
Glass Cleaners
Acidic Glass Cleaner
Ammoniacal Glass Cleaner
Wall and Tile Cleaners
Wall and Tile Concentrate
Wall and Tile Spray Concentrate

Laundry - Commercial

Highly Alkaline Built Liquid
Two-Part Built Liquid for Low Temperature Institutional Laundry
Two-Part Built Liquid with Solvent Base for Industrial Laundry

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