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Syntans or Synthetic Tanning agents or Retanning agents are used during the wet end operations of leather processing for retanning of chrome tanned wet blue leather. These are synthetic substitute for vegetable tanning agents.


Use of syntans or synthetic tanning agents in retanning of wet blue leather help to modify the physical properties of leather with respect to its strength, softness, fullness, weather resistance, dye penetration, levelness and brilliance of dye shades, grain characteristics etc. towards meeting the end use of leather for use as shoe-upper leather, garment leather, bag leather, furniture upholstery leather, car upholstery leather etc. Retanning of chrome tanned leather with syntans or synthetic tanning agents produces crust leather which is then subjected to finishing operations using leather chemicals that include acrylic binders, lacquer emulsions and wax emulsions etc. to produce finished leathers.


Venus produces a comprehensive range of leather chemicals for use as syntans / synthetic tanning agents / retanning agents during wet end operations of leather processing by the leather industry. These syntans are chemically based on condensation products of Phenol, Cresol, Napthalene, Melamine, Dicyandiamide and acrylic homo-polymers or co-polymers.


Venus range of leather chemicals suitable for use as syntans, based on their applications during the wet end operations of leather processing include :