Denim Textiles

Denim Textiles

Denim & Readymade Garments

Product Name Application
Ventex STA Excellent de-sizing and scouring agent with penetration
Ventex PAD Anionic single bath de-sizing and scouring agent
Product WDR Excellent wetting agent for denim yarn processing
Product ACA Unique Polymeric anionic lubricant, dedicated for heavy fabrics/garments/knits/denims, etc.
Product NNF-NEW Excellent wetting agent for denim yarn processing
Ventex BIO-DESIZE Enzyme based de-sizing agent
ABS II/ABS III/ABZBS (Anti-back staining)/Pocket Clear (Anti-tinting) Anti-back staining agents
Acid enzyme Fading enzyme
OC Liquid Polymeric cationic softener which imparts softness, bulk and body
OC Flakes 100% Concentrated version for OC
MW Liquid (semi-micro amino silico emulsion) Semi-micro emulsion, which gives excellent softness with surface
Product 370 9conc. Micro amino silicon emulsion) Conc. And micro emulsion, which gives excellent inner and outer softness with surface

Special Products: Anti-back Staining Agents

Product Name Application
ABS II Non-Ionic type- Product ABS II, 100% Powder
Product NABZBS Anionic/Non-ionic type- Product NABZBS, 100% Powder
ABS III Liquid form, anionic type
Product VPCS Paste Non-ionic type, anti-back
Product RGBS Non-ionic polymer based anti-back staining
Product PPN STR
Product PP ENH Potassium Permanganate process enhancer
PPN WPDR Potassium Permanganate process enhancer
Product BB Aid Bleach booster to get fancy effect in hypo bleaching
Product DDE Dye depth enhancer
Indigo Blocker To get fancy effect on denim fabrics
Indigo Fixer Indigo fixing agent for denim processing
Sticker Gel
Ready taring paste for poly Denim/Brasso Denim processing
Rink resin, new version suitable for denim (wrinkle) Wrinkle-free or anti-crease agent in denim
Product CDA Decoloriser for ETP plant of denim/readymade garment washing unit

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